Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2016
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events
Note 11 – Subsequent Events
Authorization of Name Change
On February 21, 2017, the Board unanimously approved the proposal to seek stockholder approval and authorization to amend the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation to change the name of the Company to “The Coretec Group Inc.” (the “Name Change”) and thereafter change its trading symbol to a trading symbol resembling the name of the Company following the Name Change. On February 21, 2017, a majority of the Company’s stockholders adopted resolutions by written consent authorizing the Board to undertake the Name Change. This Name Change will become effective immediately upon the Company’s filing of the Name Change Amendment with the Secretary of State of the State of Oklahoma.
Authorization of Reverse Stock Split
On February 21, 2017 (the “Record Date”), the Board of Directors unanimously approved, and a majority of the Company’s stockholders, as of the Record Date, approved by written consent pursuant to Section 18-1073 of the Oklahoma Act, to permit the Company’s Board of Directors, in its sole discretion, to effectuate one or more consolidations of the issued and outstanding shares of common stock at some future date no later than the first anniversary of the Record Date, pursuant to which the shares of common stock would be combined and reclassified into one validly issued- fully paid and non-assessable share of common stock at a ratio (the “Reverse Split Ratio”) within the range of 1-for-50 and up to 1-for-300 (the “Reverse Split Range”), with each stockholder otherwise entitled to receive a fractional share of common stock as a result of the Reverse Stock Split.  If effectuating a Reverse Stock Split pursuant to the minimum stated Reverse Split Ratio, each 50 shares of the Company’s issued and outstanding common stock will be automatically converted into 1 share of common stock. If effectuating a Reverse Stock Split pursuant to the maximum stated Reverse Split Ratio, each 300 shares of our issued and outstanding common stock will be automatically converted into 1 share of common stock.
Supply Agreement
On December 13, 2016, the Company entered into a Supply Agreement (the “Supply Agreement”) with Gelest Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation (“Gelest”). This Supply Agreement is for the purchase and sale of CHS (or the “Products”) as set forth in the Supply Agreement, pursuant to which the Company agrees to use Gelest as a primary source to manufacture the Products for the duration of three years from the effective date.
An initial estimate of pricing for the Products is set forth in the Supply Agreement, which varies from $28/gram to $35/gram based on the quantity that is being purchased. Final pricing will be reviewed and adjusted annually based on prior year’s consumption and/or as the global economic conditions dictate, taking into account market conditions and raw material price fluctuations.
Under the terms of the Supply Agreement, Gelest will scale-up production of CHS, within their available capacity of 12-18 Kg per year, and further optimize the manufacturing process licensed by the purchaser from NDSU/RF. The term of this project is 90 days from the receipt of the first installment of YSi6Cl14 salt from the purchaser. The cost for scale-up and manufacturing optimization is $180,000 to be paid by the purchaser in two installments. The initial installment of $18,000 was paid upon finalizing this Supply Agreement. The second installment of $162,000 is to be paid net 30 days from availability for shipment of up 200 – 400 grams of the initial product of the quality stated in the Supply Agreement. As of the date of filing, the Company has not paid the second installment, as Gelest has yet to complete the production of material.
Consulting Agreements
On January 22, 2017, the Company hired silicon materials expert Ragnar Avery as Vice President, CHS Marketing and Sales. Mr. Avery will lead new business development and sales initiatives for the Company’s proprietary liquid silicon precursor, CHS. The consulting agreement shall be effective as of February 1, 2017 and shall continue in full force and effect through February 1, 2018. The Company shall pay Mr. Avery a fee of $125 per hour for the first three months and $150 per hour thereafter.
Debentures Payable
Subsequent to September 30, 2016, Golden Gate extended their debenture and note payable to June 1, 2017.
Newly Appointed Chief Executive Officer
On March 21, 2017, Doug Freitag resigned as Chief Executive Officer of the Company in order to allow Michael A. Kraft to take over in his place as the Company’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer.  In connection with Mr. Kraft’s appointment, the Company entered into a consulting agreement with Mr. Kraft, pursuant to which it agreed to compensate Mr. Kraft, $1,500 per day for his commitment to allocate seven days a month to the Company and a $25,000 bonus payable in the Company’s restricted stock upon the occurrence of certain events.  In addition, the Company agreed to issue to Mr. Kraft, an option to purchase up to $50,000 of the Company’s common stock at an exercise price equal to the market price as of the date on which certain milestones are completed.
Mr. Freitag will assume a strategic consulting role as the Company’s Vice President of Technology and will remain on the Company’s Board of Directors.  Mr. Freitag will continue to be compensated $194 per hour pursuant to the consulting agreement he entered into with the Company in January 2017.