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The Coretec Group, Inc.™ (Coretec) is a developer of technology-based solutions for application within a number of global markets, including energy storage, solid state lighting, printable electronics, microelectronics, solar energy, and 3D imaging within the medical, defense, and cyber security markets. The Company utilizes a patented IP materials portfolio, including its proprietary high volume liquid silicon precursor, Cyclohexasilane, Si6H12 (CHS), to commercialize technologies for energy-focused product applications. It also owns a proprietary 3D volumetric display technology called CSpace®, with applications within medical imaging, defense, cyber security, and entertainment. The Coretec Group is a new entity comprised of the 2016 merger of 3DIcon Corporation and Coretec Industries.

Important Company Highlights

  • The Company signed a supply agreement with Gelest, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of silane, silicone and metal-organic specialty materials in December of 2016 for the pilot-scale manufacturing of the Company's high volume liquid silicon precursor, Cyclohexasilane, Si6H12 (CHS).
  • The Company signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the North Dakota State University Research Foundation, providing access to an IP portfolio of silicon-based materials for development and commercialization.

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